5 Tips To Look Your Best In Zoom Meetings Without Getting Plastic Surgery!

5 Tips To Look Your Best In Zoom Meetings Without Getting Plastic Surgery!

Social distancing means Zoom calls are now all the rage! We are spending loads more time than every before, connecting virtually, via work meetings, parent teacher interviews, dinner parties and even virtual happy hours. These are crazy times!

Apparently, some Plastic surgeons have reported they have seen an increase in demand for procedures due to the fact people are staring at their own faces for an unusual amount of time. It’s not surprising one would become over critical and see flaws in their appearance under these strange circumstances but there is no need to rush out to get things done just yet as I’m here to share a few simple tips to make you feel a million dollars next time you have a meeting online.

1. Lighting
Find the light! This is tip number one for a reason! Soft, even light on the face will literally take 10 years of your life, brightening your skin and smoothing out your wrinkles.

You want to look for a natural source of light, ideally sit at a window so the light is hitting your face straight-on.
Whatever you do, avoid having the light source behind you as that will make your face dark and shadowy. HELLO wrinkles!

Video chatting in a windowless room? Don’t despair. Placing a lamp behind your laptop so it lights your face will work ok in a pinch.

2. Look Up!
It’s all about the angle baby! Keep the camera at eye-level or slightly above friends! Never below!
This is so important because looking up the nose is not the best look… Heck, even the slimmest person will look like they have a triple chin with a camera shooting them from below. It’s incredibly unflattering so give your laptop a little lift by sitting it on a stack of books. Turn it on before the meeting and adjust there height till you

3. Get Back
While we’re on the subject of camera positioning, remember to keep your distance! Why? When you get too close to the camera, you end up with a wide, distorted face. That’s never a good look.

4. Put On Your Face!
It goes without saying, popping on a little concealer, lipgloss and blowdrying your hair will make you feel a million dollars, even if you happen to be wearing your favourite PJ’s just out of camera view.

5. Touch Up Your Appearance
I saved this little pro tip till last. Zoom has a built in filter to make you sparkle! It applies a skin smoothing filter and it’s handy to cover up a blemish and give your skin a boost. Not as good as a procedure with your favourite plastic surgeon… Haha! But I think you guys are going to like it.

You will find the “touch up my appearance” feature on the Zoom desktop app.

Hope you found those tips helpful. Happy zooming!

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