6 Things to Consider Before A Breast Augmentation

6 Things to Consider Before A Breast Augmentation

Six big decisions before a breast augmentation

Having a breast augmentation is a big decision and most patients spend up to 18 months researching the procedure before seeking a surgical opinion.

Patients are often very well-informed before they even get to their first consultation. This can be very helpful for their chosen surgeon when it comes to planning the surgical procedure, as the patient is already aware of what they want from the surgery.

There are usually 6 big decisions that need to be made before a patient has a breast augmentation and each has its own pros and cons.

Decision #1:  The final cup size

Patients will have an idea of what cup size they would like to achieve and it is often helpful to bring photographs to the consultation to convey this idea to the surgeon.

Decision #2:  Silicone versus saline

There will be advantages to silicone and advantages to saline implants in different patients, and this discussion needs to be had on an individual basis so patients achieve the best results.

Decision #3:  Round versus teardrop shaped

Breast implants come in a series of different shapes, ranging from round to teardrop, and each variation will achieve slightly different results.

Different patients’ tissue will respond differently to the shape of the implant and it is helpful to have an expert opinion to guide you as to which implant shape will achieve the result you desire.

Decision #4:  Implant in front of the muscle or behind the muscle

The breast implant can be placed in front of, or behind, the pectoralis muscle and it will achieve a slightly different result in each case.

During the consultation, it is helpful to review a series of before and after images to understand which location will achieve what result to ensure you achieve the look you desire.

Decision #5:  Implant incision

To insert the breast implant an incision of approximately 5 cm will be needed and it can be placed through the armpit, in the fold under the breast or around the nipple.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, and this decision needs to be made with the patient and the surgeon performing the procedure.

Decision #6:  Implant volume

Deciding whether a 300 cc implant or a 350 cc implant meets your needs is often challenging and different surgeons will use different techniques to estimate the final results of a breast augmentation in a particular patient.

Dr Hunt prefers to get patients to try different implant sizes inserted into a bra worn under a T-shirt. This gives the patient an idea of what result each size implant will achieve if a particular volume is added to a particular bra cup.

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