Breast Enlargement with Fat Graft

Breast Enlargement with Fat Graft

It is an appealing concept to achieve a breast enhancement by using fat taken from elsewhere on your body, such as from the buttocks or thighs.

The concept is that your own fat will ultimately be the best implant to achieve a fuller breast. A silicone implant has usually been the first choice for breast enlargements, however those implants can sometimes have problems associated with them in the short and longer term.

The technique of fat transfer for breast augmentation involves the application of a special form of suction bra for a number of weeks to increase the laxity in the skin. This bra is known as a Brava.

Following this, fat can be harvested by liposuction and transferred to the breast to increase the breast augmentation.

The benefit of having a fat graft for a breast enlargement is that your own tissue is used. However, there a quite a few disadvantage related to this type of procedure. Multiple fat transfers are required to achieve a noticeable size difference, and the increased volume can only be moderate. Multiple transfer also means multiple procedures, each of which will have their own costs. People who are very thin or flat chested are also not good candidates for this procedure.

The results of a fat graft for a breast enlargement can only achieve a moderate increase in breast size, perhaps one cup size or half a cup size, and multiple surgical procedures are required.

Breast augmentation, using a breast implant made of cohesive silicone gel, is still the gold standard for breast augmentation at this stage though the future holds hope for fat transfers.

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