Do Breast Implants Mean Better Sex?

In the major plastic surgery journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, there has been a recent publication validating the value of breast augmentation and breast implant surgery. The study found that breast augmentation improves patient well being and sexual functioning.

It was a simple study using a questionnaire sent to women who underwent breast augmentation surgery, before the surgery and after the surgery. The results showed a substantial improvement in several key areas that reflect quality of life.  The research was published in the July issue of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and focused on breast augmentation. On a score of 0-100, the average scores increased for patients in terms of satisfaction with the appearance of their breasts, the patient’s psychological well being and also their sexual well being. A percent of women reported significant improvement in the quality of their life following breast augmentation.

Dissatisfaction with breast size and breast shape can negatively affect a woman’s quality of life in several ways.  Studies such as this show a significant improvement in a woman’s quality of life and we now have solid scientific evidence of what we have long suspected was the case. As a researcher in plastic and reconstructive surgery, I will continue to ensure patients receive the best quality of care and the best possible results.  Our focus will always be on improving quality of life and patient satisfaction and publications such as these add scientific value to the work that we do.

Dr Jeremy Hunt

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