Face Lift Surgery – What are my Options?

Face Lift Surgery – What are my Options?

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Jeremy Hunt discusses the different types of face lift surgery and the results they can achieve.

More and more people are choosing to undergo facial surgery to turn back the clock and give themselves a fresher more rejuvenated appearance. A face lift aims to reduces lines and tighten sagging skin on the face that has lost its natural elasticity due to ageing. A face lift should be subtle, achieving a rejuvenated look rather than looking unnatural, tight or pulled back.

Traditional Face Lift

A traditional face lift tightens the facial muscles and removes any excess fat from the underlying facial tissue. An incision is made along the hairline, starting at the temple and running down behind the ears and into the hairline. Scars usually fade quickly until they are barely visible, and the positioning of the incision means most scarring will be hidden by the hairline.

SMAS Face Lift

A SMAS face lift targets the lower two-thirds of the face and mainly addresses sagging skin, excess fat, jowls and loss of volume in the cheeks.

MACS Facelift

A MACS (minimum access cranial suspension) is less invasive that a traditional face lift as it requires much smaller incisions and offers a much quicker recovery time. The incisions are much smaller, with the tightening of the facial muscles and removal of fat performed through these small incisions.

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When researching a surgeon it is always important to see examples of real results from their past patients. Click here to view face lift before and after images from Dr Hunt’s previous face lift patients. If you’re considering facial surgery, book a one-on-one consultation with Dr Hunt to see how he could help you.

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