Rhinoplasty and facial proportion


Hi Dr Hunt, i am wondering about getting rhinoplasty, although i would like a very subtle change. i actually think my nose would be OK if it was on a face that was larger than mine – i have a very small face, narrow cheekbones and fine lines – which is fine, but my nose seems quite out of proportion. I am after a reduction in the bridge of my nose, but do not want it changed radically, or made into a small button nose or similar. is this a realistic request? Thanks in advance Tania


For me the result of a good rhinoplasty is a nose that fits and balances a persons face. Given this each person is different so each rhinoplasty I perform needs to be tailored to the individual. This will involved measurement of the middle and lower thirds of the face and the length and projection of the nose (how far the nose sticks out). From these I can plan a procedure to alter what is out of balance and create a final result that is in harmony with the rest of the face.

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