Fat Dissolving Injections Before And After Photos

Fat Dissolving Injections Before & Afters

This is a revolutionary product, offering a permanent solution for removal of double chin fat as an in office day only procedure.

If you are unhappy with the aspect of the chin, especially the fat pockets under the chin, fat dissolving injections can be the optimal procedure for your particular case. Keep in mind that these injections come with certain recommendations, just like it is the case with any other plastic surgery procedure. Discuss all your questions and concerns with the plastic surgeon during the consultation.

Getting rid of unwanted fat deposits in the area can completely change a person’s physiognomy. As you can see from the pictures below, the results are truly impressive, the patient looks younger and with a better defined facial contour.

Preparing for Fat Dissolving Injections

Before getting the injections, you should make sure that you are an eligible candidate for the procedure. The first step would be to schedule a consultation to get a chance to discuss your medical history, as well as other aspects such as potential allergies, other plastic surgery procedures you had, among others. Make sure to mention whether you have trouble swallowing or bleeding issues, and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Double Chin Treatment - Belkyra / KybellaDouble Chin Treatment - Belkyra / Kybella




Double Chin Treatment - Belkyra / Kybella Double Chin Treatment - Belkyra / Kybella

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