I Need a Face-lift and Facial Assessment

I often hear the term, “I think I need a face-lift” from my patients and it is then up to me to decide exactly what it is that will best achieve the result they desire.

The face of course is a multi-component structure that involves far more than just the overlying skin and consideration needs to be given to the underlying structures.

During a consultation I will explain to my patients that the skin is the overlying layer of the subcutaneous fat which then overlies the muscle which has an underlying foundation of bone.

If there is any alteration in the volume, shape or positioning of the bone it may well best be addressed with a bone augmentation procedure such as a genioplasty or a chin implant.

Loss of volume is best addressed with increasing the volume of the face, most often in the form of fat grafting and muscle can be modulated with the use of injectable neuromodulators.

The skin is the overlying layer and it may well be best addressed with a medical grade skin care programme or a form of resurfacing.

When I hear patients say, “‘I think I need a face-lift” to me I hear what they are saying but the face is more than just skin deep.

I encourage you to ensure that anyone providing a treatment is able to fully assess your facial anatomy and offers you a comprehensive treatment that may involve more than just skin only.

Dr Jeremy Hunt

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