What is a Lower Body Lift & How Can it Help You?

What is a Lower Body Lift & How Can it Help You?

Though it’s not as well known as other procedures, a lower body lift is a more comprehensive surgery than a tummy tuck or liposuction and is often chosen by people who have achieved significant weight loss.

A lower body lift is an effective procedure that removes and tightens excess skin formed after significant weight loss, pregnancy and ageing. Including the buttocks, thighs and lower abdominal areas, loose, hanging skin is tucked and tightened and the buttocks lifted to create a new lower body shape.

A lower body lift is a highly individualised procedure and the outcome is based on your needs and goals. For example, people who have poor skin elasticity due to over-stretching will require a combination of liposuction and lower body lift procedures. In these cases, the skin is unable to naturally conform to your new body contours without intervention. Some patients will only need a single operation while others will be spread over two or more procedures. I encourage extensive consultations to decide on the right procedure for you.

Some of the benefits of lower body lift surgery include:

  • Multiple areas including the buttocks, thighs and abdomen can be addressed in one single operation
  • Skin tightening of the back, side and front of the thighs extends lower than other procedures
  • It can be combined with breast surgery or arm contouring procedures
  • It can also be combined with liposuction in selected areas

It’s important to note that a lower body lift should be performed when you are at your ideal body weight. Weight gain will stretch skin that has been tightened, undoing lower body lift improvements and weight loss will loosen and sag the newly tightened areas of skin.

In order to trim excess skin, tighten muscle and remove any excess fat, I will make incisions across your waist and lower abdomen. A tummy tuck can also be performed at the same time.

The effects of the procedure are immediate – both physically and emotionally – with a great improvement in your self confidence and body image. Scarring will fade over time and where possible, incisions are made in areas not visible when in your swimsuit or underwear.

Undergoing a lower body lift should be the final step in achieving your ultimate body shape, and will help fully achieve the cosmetic and lifestyle benefits of significant weight loss.

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