Natural-looking Breasts, a new trend?

Natural-looking Breasts, a new trend?

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more normal that ever before and the trends that were once so strong in the 1990s and 2000s are starting to see steep declines. We all remember famous figures such as Jodie Marsh encouraging a new found following for bigger breasts. However, recent studies reveal a growing number of women requesting more modest sized implants over the last five years, with the average size now shrinking to a C cup.

This new wave of breasts seems to be a favourite in Hollywood too, with celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence all sporting more natural silhouettes on the red carpet. After admitting to press in 2014 that she had a 34DD breast augmentation, Victoria Beckham has now had her procedure reversed, scaling down to a 34B.

Dr Jeremy Hunt commented: “Many of our customers are requesting more natural looks when considering non-surgical and cosmetic surgery procedures. This has been a particularly pronounced increased in requests for more modest breast implants“.

It is no secret that both the media and clinics such as Dr Jeremy’s have noticed an uptake in cosmetic procedures, but these procedures are now natural-looking requests. This new outlook changes the way in which women are approaching breast augmentation are being encouraged to approach this in a new manner too. Overall, it is appears to be a healthy change that many practitioners would argue is long overdue.

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