Face Lift Patient

Face Lift Surgery – What are my Options?

Posted on 03/12/2019

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Jeremy Hunt discusses the different types of face lift surgery and the results they can achieve. More and more people are choosing to undergo facial surgery to turn back the clock and give themselves a fresher more rejuvenated appearance. A face lift aims to reduces lines and tighten sagging skin on the face that has lost its natural elasticity due to ageing. A face lift should be subtle, achieving a rejuvenated look rather than looking unnatural, tight or pulled back. Traditional Face Lift A traditional face lift tightens the facial muscles and removes any excess fat…

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Surgery After Weight Loss Myths

Posted on 20/11/2019

It can often be hard to decipher fact from fiction, especially when you are researching surgical procedures online. Dr Hunt addresses some of the most common myths associated with surgery after weight loss, also known as body contouring surgery. Fat moves to different areas after liposuction Liposuction will remove fat cells permanently from the body and these fat cells will not come back. If a patient continues to have a high calorie diet after their liposuction then the body will still need to store the extra fat. As a result the fat will now be stored in different fat cells…

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Surgery After Weight Loss – FAQs

Posted on 15/11/2019

Surgery After Weight Loss – Frequently Asked Question It is normal to have lots of questions before undergoing surgery and it is always important to discuss these with your surgeon. If you are considering surgery after weight loss Dr Hunt has answered some of the most common questions associated with these procedures. Is it possible to combine procedures after massive weight loss? Patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight will often be troubled by extra skin on the abdomen, hips and thighs. They may also have loose skin on their upper arms and female patients may find they…

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Surgery After Massive Weight Loss  

Posted on 11/11/2019

Surgery After Massive Weight Loss – What are my options? After achieving a weight loss goal, many people find they are left with large amounts of excess skin, which can be extremely disheartening after they’ve worked so hard to lose weight. Don’t worry though, you are not alone – many people who have experienced massive weight loss are also troubled by the amount of excess skin they are left with. Once your skin has been stretched due to weight gain, it can lose its elasticity and often struggles to shrink back after weight loss. Surgery after massive weight loss is…

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Case Study

Case Study: Breast Augmentation

Posted on 17/10/2019

Breast Augmentation: The Patient The patient was a 29-year-old mother of three children with twins aged four and a 14-month-old baby. She lived a healthy life but had experienced changes in the volume and shape of her breasts following breastfeeding that were causing her concerns. She consulted with Dr Hunt with a view to increasing her preoperative A-cup to the C/D-cup she desired via bilateral breast augmentation. Breast Augmentation: The Procedure  On examination, the patient was a valid candidate for a bilateral breast augmentation. During the consultation process, Dr Hunt and the patient chose to use a cohesive silicone gel…

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Breast Augmentation

Breast Surgery – What are my Options?

Posted on 09/10/2019

Breast surgery is one of Australia’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures and it is also one of Dr Hunt’s most commonly preformed surgery. There are many reasons why women decided to undergo breast surgery; they may feel their breast are too small, too large, uneven or need a lift after pregnancy and breast feeding. Whatever the reason, Dr Hunt is here to help! During your initial consultation Dr Hunt will discuss what you want to achieve and decide which procedure will be right for you, to get the best results possible! There are numerous breast surgery options to consider in…

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Be Breast Aware

Posted on 01/10/2019

October is breast cancer awareness month; an annual campaign that helps to increase awareness of the disease through education and support. Know Your Breasts Excluding non-melanoma skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among Australian women. While survival rates continue to improve for women with breast cancer in Australia – the overall 5-year survival rate for breast cancer in females is now 90% – it is still important to be breast aware and know what signs to look out for. Dr Hunt explains how regularly you should check your breasts, some of the important changes to look out…

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Case Study

Case Study: Tummy Tuck

Posted on 26/09/2019

Tummy Tuck: The Patient The patient was a 58-year-old female who had managed to reduce her weight by 40kg through a diet and exercise program. She was happy with the health improvements but was concerned by the contour of her lower abdomen. She consulted with Dr Hunt regarding the issues she was having with the contour of her abdomen as well as the difficulty she was having with chafing of the skin under the fold of the flap. Tummy Tuck: The Procedure The patient had an extended high lateral tension abdominoplasty with liposuction of the abdomen where approximately 7kg of…

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Recovery Times

Tummy Tuck – What to Expect

Posted on 23/09/2019

Before you undergo any type of surgery it is important to thoroughly research the procedure so you know exactly what to expect. If you are considering a tummy tuck, Dr Hunt has outlined the important parts of the process, from consultation to post-surgery, so you know exactly what to expect before, during and after your surgery. The Consultation The initial consultation is an opportunity to meet Dr Hunt, establish the patient’s objectives and understand what they want from their procedure. During the consultation there will be an assessment of the patient’s needs and expectations, and then following examination, a surgical…

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Top 5 FAQs About Tummy Tucks

Posted on 18/09/2019

It is natural to have lots of questions before you undergo any kind of surgical procedure, and it is important that you discuss all of these with your surgeon. If you are considering an abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, Dr Hunt has answered some of the most common questions associated with this procedure. Will I stay in hospital? A tummy tuck is an invasive procedure and Dr Hunt encourages his patients to spend time in hospital in the early stages after their surgery. The duration of the hospital stay will depend on the type of tummy tuck performed…

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Tummy Tuck – What Are My Options?

Posted on 11/09/2019

Abdominal contouring, also known as tummy tuck surgery, can take a number of forms and each procedure is designed to address the specific needs of the patient. The keys to a successful tummy tuck are going to address three issues; excess fat deposits, the abdominal muscles, and any excess skin. Each procedure will address one or more of these issues and will produce the best tummy tuck result for you. 5 surgical options for a flatter tummy: Liposuction Liposuction will remove excess fat deposits and bring that troublesome tummy area back in line with the rest of the body. Remember though,…

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Tummy Tuck – Four Common Myths

Posted on 05/09/2019

There are often several myths associated with different types of surgical procedures and they are regularly accepted as the truth. Dr Hunt addresses some of the most common myths associated with an abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck. I’ll get a new belly button During a tummy tuck, the belly button that you have will be reshaped and refashioned but will stay in the same location. We do not make a new belly button, instead we work around the current belly button position to create a natural belly button that fits the proportions of the re-contoured abdomen. I…

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Case Study

Case Study: Breast Reduction

Posted on 29/08/2019

Breast Reduction: The Problem The patient was a 21-year-old with HH cup breasts, which caused her back, neck and shoulder pain. The weight from her bra straps were creating dents in her shoulders which led to the hunching of her shoulders. She was concerned about her ability to breastfeed after a breast reduction and was advised that breastfeeding is usually possible following a breast reduction. Breast Reduction: The Procedure She had a bilateral breast reduction with removal of approximately 1kg of breast tissue from both the left and right sides in an attempt to reduce her preoperative HH cup to…

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5 Most Common Questions About Breast Reduction Surgery

Posted on 13/08/2019

Are there any risks of breast cancer from breast reduction surgery? No. In theory the occurrence of breast cancer is decreased by breast reduction surgery. This is because some breast glandular tissue, that could potentially become cancerous, is removed. A twin who has breast reduction surgery has less risk of breast cancer than the twin who did not have surgery. Can I still have mammograms after breast reduction? Mammography after breast reduction surgery is still as effective as before the procedure for the detection of breast cancer in these patients. Can I breast feed after a breast reduction? The majority…

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Breast Reduction – Is it for me?

Posted on 05/08/2019

Large breasts can be a pain in the neck, literally. They can also cause back pain, reduce your ability to exercise, lead to skin irritation and even make it difficult to breathe. Breast reduction surgery (a reduction mammoplasty) aims to give you smaller, firmer, better-shaped breasts, which are in proportion to the rest of your body. It will also reduce the size of the areola – the darker skin surrounding the nipple. The benefits on your quality of life can be enormous after breast reduction surgery, and the procedure has a high level of patient satisfaction, as it is able…

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Update on Breast Implants

Posted on 15/07/2019

Last week the TGA announced its review of textured breast implants and we would like to provide our patients with some more information regarding this announcement. The TGA announcement refers to a rare form of lymphoma (ALCL) and the most recent data shows the risk of this rare lymphoma varies from 1: 1,000 up to 1: 86,000, depending on the type of textured surface of the implant. It is also important to note that ALCL is not a breast cancer. As over 90% of breast implants used by Dr Hunt have been micro textured implants, it is important to highlight…

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Breast Augmentation

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Posted on 18/06/2019

Breast augmentation remains one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures worldwide and year after year, the number of cases performed is increasing. Familiarity with cosmetic surgical procedures and exposure in social media has led to a rapid increase in the number of cases being performed in Australia and it is now the commonest procedure performed on an annual basis in this country. Although it is a very common procedure, the key to success is individualising the procedure to each patient’s needs and expectations. No two patients will be the same and in my practice, no two breast augmentations are…

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Inside Aesthetics Podcast ft Dr Jeremy Hunt

Posted on 24/05/2019

  Dr Jeremy Hunt featured on the Inside Aesthetics podcast where he discusses face lift surgery. You can listen to the full episode right here.

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Effective and Safe Liposuction – by Dr Jeremy Hunt

Posted on 12/04/2019

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures worldwide and year in and year out it is the top procedure performed in terms of numbers of cases in the United States. My experience with liposuction spans over some 15 years where I was initially taught by some of the best surgeons in the United States how to perform this procedure effectively and safely. Liposuction currently makes up a large proportion of my practice and it is a procedure that I find can deliver very pleasing results to the right patients with minimum downtime, rapid recovery and maximum safety….

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Will a tummy tuck remove stretch marks?

Posted on 16/09/2015

It is a common myth that any problem area we have with our tummies can be tackled with a tummy tuck, but many patients’ pesky stretch marks remain after surgery. Stretch marks can only be removed during a tummy tuck if they are in the ‘zone of resection’ which is where the tissue is cut off. This estimated zone should be draw by your surgeon beforehand so that you will know how many stretch marks will not be affected. In terms of removing stretch marks, unfortunately there is no definite solution. However, we have seen good results by combating areas with…

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The Ins and Outs of a Rhinoplasty

Posted on 14/09/2015

Nose jobs, or Rhinoplasties are one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the UK. The surgery is designed to alter, improve or enhance the shape of your nose for cosmetic or medical reasons. Not sure whether Rhinoplasty is the right procedure for you? Do you know what it involves? There are always certain factors that you need to consider before committing to surgery, and a nose job is no different. To ensure that you are accessed and prepared accordingly, your chosen surgeon will arrange an initial consultation. During this consultation, all sections of your nose, including the dorsum, bridge…

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Professional Breast Implants

Natural-looking Breasts, a new trend?

Posted on 23/08/2015

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more normal that ever before and the trends that were once so strong in the 1990s and 2000s are starting to see steep declines. We all remember famous figures such as Jodie Marsh encouraging a new found following for bigger breasts. However, recent studies reveal a growing number of women requesting more modest sized implants over the last five years, with the average size now shrinking to a C cup. This new wave of breasts seems to be a favourite in Hollywood too, with celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence all sporting…

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Dangers of Overseas Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Posted on 26/07/2013

Medical tourism is a booming industry worth more than US$60 billion a year and growing dramatically each year. Many developing countries including Thailand, India and the Philippines are now even promoting themselves as go-to destinations for cheap cosmetic surgery. It’s a global phenomenon, but particularly popular with Australians – who mostly travel to Singapore and Thailand to undergo breast augmentations and tummy tucks. And while the combination of sun, beaches and a cheaper price tag might sound appealing, there are many risks involved with travelling overseas to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure. Before you make any decision, the most important…

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Breast Reduction

Are You Considering a Breast Reduction?

Posted on 23/07/2013

If so, you’re not alone. Breast reductions are one of the most common procedures in Australia – with numbers increasing every year. The same is true in the US, where the number of breast reductions performed in 2012 was more than 42,000! I regularly see women who have physically and emotionally struggled with the size of their breasts. They suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain, a reduced ability to exercise and have difficultly breathing. They also feel uncomfortable in social situations as it affects their self confidence. Breast reduction is designed to relieve the pain and discomfort of large…

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Recovery Times

How Long Are Plastic Surgery Recovery Times?

Posted on 19/07/2013

Recovery times for plastic surgery have certainly decreased over the last 20 years, but it’s important to remember that they are surgical procedures. Recovery is therefore a crucial step to ensure optimal results. Depending on the type of surgery you undergo, recovery time could be anything from a few hours to a few weeks, and can also depend on factors like your age and health. But the key to speeding up recovery and optimising results is to plan plenty of rest and quiet time. And always follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding diet, exercise and any precautions. Here’s an overview of…

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Researching cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Myths

Posted on 15/07/2013

There’s no shortage of information available online today. And while many websites about plastic surgery are helpful, there’s unfortunately plenty of misleading information out there as well. My advice is to avoid the gossip gleaned from magazines and forums and instead, only take your information from expert medical professionals who have relevant qualifications and many years of experience. As a plastic surgeon, I get a lot of questions from people who are confused by the conflicting information they find and who want to separate fact from fiction. Here are the top five myths I keep coming across: 1. You won’t…

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What is Body Contouring?

Posted on 11/07/2013

Desire for cosmetic surgery is growing, with Australians spending 40 per cent more on body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks than their American counterparts. I often come across clients who are concerned with excess fat and sagging skin. Whether the result of major weight loss or pregnancy, these complaints can affect various parts of the body including the stomach, thighs, buttocks and upper arms. But there is a solution – body contouring procedures are a common way for men and women to remove excess skin and fat and improve the shape and tone of underlying tissue. The type…

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How it Works: Liposuction

Posted on 08/07/2013

Liposuction is a popular surgical technique that helps shape and contour the body. It works by permanently removing excess fat from areas like the thighs, stomach and hips, leaving patients with a much slimmer and more toned appearance. Thanks to the impressive results it can produce, liposuction is one of the most popular operations I’m asked to perform. In fact, it’s currently the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the country. For some people, it doesn’t matter how much they exercise or what they eat, they still find it hard to lose weight or banish unsightly areas of fat….

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How to Combat Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Posted on 25/06/2013

Around 60 per cent of Australian adults are overweight or obese, with women spending $400 million a year on weight loss. But successful weight loss comes with its own set of challenges. We’ve all experienced fluctuations in our weight due to diet and exercise, pregnancy or old age, but the impact significant weight loss has on our body can often be a confusing experience. Having achieved such a great goal, patients are often left with excess and sagging skin, the appearance of which has a detrimental effect on their confidence. As a result of being stretched for such a long…

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Lower Body Lift

What is a Lower Body Lift & How Can it Help You?

Posted on 02/06/2013

Though it’s not as well known as other procedures, a lower body lift is a more comprehensive surgery than a tummy tuck or liposuction and is often chosen by people who have achieved significant weight loss. A lower body lift is an effective procedure that removes and tightens excess skin formed after significant weight loss, pregnancy and ageing. Including the buttocks, thighs and lower abdominal areas, loose, hanging skin is tucked and tightened and the buttocks lifted to create a new lower body shape. A lower body lift is a highly individualised procedure and the outcome is based on your…

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Teens Turn to Surgery to Avoid Bullying

Posted on 10/05/2013

It has recently been reported in the United States on Fox 13 that there is a trend towards teenagers undergoing plastic surgical procedures with the blessing of their parents so as to avoid bullying. We will all be aware of the difficulties of cyber bullying and the power of social media in terms of establishing a young person’s personal self-esteem. There does seem to be a trend with a Florida surgeon, Dr Jennifer Walden, stating she has seen a 30% rise in teenage plastic surgery over the last 10 years. Certainly the trend towards patients undergoing procedures at a younger…

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Australia Follows World Trend on Plastic Surgery

Posted on 19/04/2013

Australia Follows World Trend on Increasing Popularity of Plastic Surgery A recent study published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of which I am a member has drawn attention to the increasing number of surgical and non-surgical procedures undertaken worldwide. More interestingly though this study breaks down the popularity of procedures based on per head of population and lists each country. The highest consumer in the world is South Korea followed by Greece then Italy then the United States. You will find that Brazil comes in position 8 and Australia in position 16. It is interesting that the…

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I Need a Face-lift and Facial Assessment

Posted on 10/04/2013

I often hear the term, “I think I need a face-lift” from my patients and it is then up to me to decide exactly what it is that will best achieve the result they desire. The face of course is a multi-component structure that involves far more than just the overlying skin and consideration needs to be given to the underlying structures. During a consultation I will explain to my patients that the skin is the overlying layer of the subcutaneous fat which then overlies the muscle which has an underlying foundation of bone. If there is any alteration in…

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Why People Get Botox

Posted on 28/10/2012

I recently read an article published in the United States where the author contemplated why people get Botox: read here. The article suggested that people who undergo treatment such as Botox and surgical procedures were not necessarily trying to look younger but were trying to look more familiar to themselves. I do find that from most of my patients it is not a motivation of looking younger for other people but is their own personal desire to recapture their appearance of their youth that motivates them towards having treatment such as Botox, injectable fillers or facial surgery such as a…

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Spa or Medical Practice?

Posted on 14/09/2012

In recent times I note there has been a rapid increase in the number of facilities that call themselves a medical spa or medi-spa. The occurrence has arisen from the United States and particularly from areas such as Florida where the transition from medical practice to beauty salon has become extremely vague. People are becoming aware that there are an increasing number of cosmetic procedures ranging from injectable to skin care treatments and even surgical procedures being offered in non-medical practices particularly in the state of Florida. Safety is paramount of course and my advice would be one of buyer…

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Before and After Photos in Plastic Surgery

Posted on 05/09/2012

There is a recent study issued by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that points out the importance of before and after photographs for patients. In a study looking at patients considering reconstructive options for breast cancer they found that 89% of women wanted to see before and after photographs to help them make an informed decision about the surgical course. I think this highlights the fact that quality before and after photographs are invaluable both to patients who are considering undergoing surgery as well as to patients who have not yet made the decision as to which procedure would…

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Do Breast Implants Mean Better Sex?

Posted on 08/07/2012

In the major plastic surgery journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, there has been a recent publication validating the value of breast augmentation and breast implant surgery. The study found that breast augmentation improves patient well being and sexual functioning. It was a simple study using a questionnaire sent to women who underwent breast augmentation surgery, before the surgery and after the surgery. The results showed a substantial improvement in several key areas that reflect quality of life.  The research was published in the July issue of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and focused on…

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6 Steps to the Best Breast Implant Results

Posted on 29/03/2012

Part 2  – Incision, Location and Size When I discuss the best implant choice for a patient I will always bear in mind that everyone is an individual with specific needs and desires, but they all want the best breast implant to achieve the best breast augmentation result. What you need to consider is the best result will depend on where you are starting from, what you want to achieve, the implant type, material, shape, size and location, as well as the surgeon you choose. Let’s discuss the incision location and choices, the location of the implant, and the size…

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6 Key Steps to the Best Breast Implant Result

Posted on 23/03/2012

Part 1 – Material, Shape and Texture When I discuss the best implant choice for a patient I will always bear in mind that everyone is an individual with specific needs and desires, but they all want the best breast implant to achieve the best breast augmentation result. What you need to consider is the best result will depend on where you are starting from, what you want to achieve, the implant type, material, shape, size and location, as well as the surgeon you choose. Let’s start with the material and shape and in subsequent weeks we will consider other…

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Update: PIP Implants & Implant Rupture

Posted on 19/03/2012

PIP Implants, Implant Rupture, 60 Minutes and Risk to Patients Following the recent 60 minutes story on Channel 9, I think it is a timely opportunity for me to shed some light on the controversial situation regarding a breast implant manufactured in France by the PIP Company. It has come to the attention of plastic surgeons internationally that PIP implants appear to have a high rate of rupture and have been manufactured with non-medical grade silicone and in fact have been manufactured with industrial grade silicone. The facts at the moment are: 1. There is evidence that these implants tend…

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Before and After Photos

Posted on 20/08/2011

Before and After photos is a vital part of cosmetic surgery as it is a tangible record of your experience. Before photos allow the surgeon and patient to plan any procedure before implementing it, and to provide a record of what was before the surgery. After photos allow the surgeon and the patient to address the problems and reflect on the quality of the final result. When Before and After photos are compared alongside each other, they can educate patients on the success of the surgery and provide the final medical record for the procedure.   Please peruse the multiple…

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Breast Reductions with Dr Jeremy Hunt

Posted on 20/07/2011

Relax in knowing your breast reduction surgery is being performed by a seasoned professional For some women having breasts that are too big is a painful nuisance. Large breasts can cause immense neck and back pain for women as adequate support is often not available for their breast size. Breast reductions are a commonly performed procedure on women with large breasts who wish to minimise the size and pain that large breasts can cause. Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) is designed to give women smaller, firmer and more evenly shaped breasts which are in proportion to the rest of the…

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Liposuction Sydney | Dr. Jeremy Hunt

Posted on 08/06/2011

Liposuction is one of the most common medical procedures in society today, and when performed correctly is one of the safest and most risk-free procedures. Dr Jeremy Hunt is a liposuction or ‘liposculpture’ specialist, and offers the procedure at his Sydney medical clinic, asserting Liposuction can vastly improve your overall body definition and make you more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Liposuction is a very individualised procedure in that the recovery time and overall outcome of the liposuction differs from one person to the next. Prior to booking any procedure appointment you will have a consultation with Dr…

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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Fees & Costs

Posted on 02/06/2011

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, cost and prices are things that are no doubt on your mind. The costs of plastic surgery vary greatly, depending on the type of procedure being undertaken. Cosmetic surgery costs will also reflect the level of expertise, experience, and often the level of safety provided by the surgeon. Why do cosmetic surgery prices differ so much? Put simply, there isn’t an average cost on cosmetic procedures for a number of reasons. Most plastic and cosmetic surgeons work to recommended schedule set out by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and Australian Medical Association, which provides…

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Osmosis Skin Care Now Available

Posted on 01/11/2010

  Revolutionary Osmosis Skin Care now at the Sydney Skin Institute. The Osmosis Pür Medical Skin Care range is free! Paraben free, and artificial fragrance, colour and additive free. Osmosis ingredients target the dermis because that is the only place that significant ageing occurs. “Osmosis uses more active ingredients per serum than any other line in the world.” Past anti-ageing treatments placed focus on peeling the skin, targeting the outer layer which starved our deeper layers of vital nutrients whilst the skin repaired itself. The result was a smooth surface but a thinning to the underlying structures that need replenishing…

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