Why People Get Botox

I recently read an article published in the United States where the author contemplated why people get Botox: read here.

The article suggested that people who undergo treatment such as Botox and surgical procedures were not necessarily trying to look younger but were trying to look more familiar to themselves.

I do find that from most of my patients it is not a motivation of looking younger for other people but is their own personal desire to recapture their appearance of their youth that motivates them towards having treatment such as Botox, injectable fillers or facial surgery such as a face-lift, neck-lift or rhinoplasty.

The changes of aging are inevitable and as you do look in the mirror you may feel 25 on the inside, though as the years go by you will look less and less like the person in the photograph you so fondly recall.

It is this motivation and I do agree with the author of the article, that leads people to consider procedures to try and “recapture their youth”.

The concept of the article I do think is true and it more so echoes the philosophy of my practice in that procedures for facial rejuvenation are not designed to change the person you are but to try and maximise the beauty that you have.  Procedures can also try and reverse the signs of aging though certainly a good result is not to change a person’s appearance but to make them appear more youthful.

An excellent result in my opinion is one where the patient will clearly see the difference when they look in the mirror but their family and friends will struggle to see the difference and but will be very aware that the patient had “never looked so good”.

It is results such as this that do not attract the attention of being surgical results but more the achievement of balanced harmony with subtle changes to maximise someone’s well-being.

Dr Jeremy Hunt

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