For many people, the joy of losing a significant amount of weight is overshadowed by the excess skin that is left behind.

Once your skin has been stretched due to weight gain, it often struggles to shrink sufficiently once the weight is lost. Instead, loose folds hang, including from the thigh. Thankfully, surgery is available to help you make the most of your weight loss achievement.

Thigh lift surgery (also known as thighplasty) removes excess skin from this area, leaving you with tight, smooth thighs. You’ll finally be able to show off your new body, with the confidence that you deserve.

Dr Hunt uses a number of thigh surgery techniques, depending on the areas of concern:

  • Inner (medial) thigh lift: The inside of the thighs are very difficult to shape through exercise. An inner thigh lift involves an incision along the junction between the thigh and pubic area to remove loose skin and any excess fat.
  • Outer (lateral) thigh lift: This procedure tightens the skin on the front and outside of the thigh.
  • Inner (medial) thigh lift with liposuction: This procedure tightens the skin at the top of the inner thigh, with the effects extending further down the inner thigh than a thigh lift alone.

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